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 Daily Classical 2h  1
 Hourly Bullet 30m  0
 Hourly Blitz 50m  67
 Holt  2+0 Rated 40m  1/30
 Cash  1+0 Rated 45m  1/4
 Maynard  1+0 Rated 2h  8/4
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  1. weird sound during games perpetualmate what is that sound while playing??
  2. weird sound during games thibault Please read the huge, red box on the forum thread creation page: ht […]
  3. weird sound during games Nice_To_Mate_You i'm getting this weird sound during a game it kinda sounds like the us […]
  4. Lichess stopped working on tab LOLITY Why Lichess stopped working on tab ??? Before it worked...
  5. What kind of music do you like civitar I'd like very much Il Divo, Within Temptation and instrumetal music li […]
  6. Anand will be 2014 world champ Farside You obviously have not been watching Anand play. The sun has set on th […]
  7. Very interesting game. sonic5888 Very precise,thanks a lot :)
  8. Trophy,expanding list of Top 100 Woden It'd be soooo good to have a ranking rather than a rating. It shouldn' […]
  9. What kind of music do you like Woden I've an IQ of 145. I listen to a lot of baroque music - especially JS […]
  10. What kind of music do you like chunkymonkey Cruddy chess? Anything above 1500 is a chess playing demon in my opinion.
  11. What kind of music do you like chunkymonkey That in itself maybe something that is common - a disregard for 'pop' […]
  12. What kind of music do you like Zynko I remember reading about a study that showed that mice had a higher IQ […]
  13. Very interesting game. cocochess Hi, I am not a chess master, but 15 Kf7 serves a few purposes, whic […]
  14. What kind of music do you like Landei I (member of Mensa in Germany) like a lot of different styles - classi […]
  15. What kind of music do you like chunkymonkey I wouldn't be so sure. High IQ is precisely quantified by MENSA's IQ t […]
  16. Very interesting game. sonic5888 nobody to explain it?
  17. bug in Join Request rzenaikrzys I accepted Join Request to our Team few minutes ago but in Player Prof […]
  18. Trophy,expanding list of Top 100 rzenaikrzys Ahoyyy Lichess community,moderators,Admin Trophies are really ni […]
  19. I just played a perfect game. ttttttttttt It's not a perfect game. It's just your opponent's weakness.
  20. New player button queensac Please return it back.
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