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  1. Does it bother you when people […] DunnoItAll I get slightly annoyed when I'm clearly winning early on and I could h […]
  2. Does it bother you when people […] elan-the-bard I'm fine with people playing on in a lost position, and asking me to e […]
  3. Does it bother you when people […] Toadofsky #1 It annoys me when an opponent, after prolonging a trivially lost ga […]
  4. Does it bother you when people […] SofiKadaj When I'm in a losing position when the only way I could get a stalemat […]
  5. Feature Request: Make a sound […] MouseSlip I often create a game offer and go do some other stuff in another tab. […]
  6. Tournament System Improvement Oscar_Varela Tournaments with restricted rating and the possibility to create tourn […]
  7. Why not use the comp as an arb […] F4ReWell_F4TE Because the point in training puzzles is to find the best possible seq […]
  8. Tournament System Improvement vstiff I think hourly tournaments should be replaced with rolling tournament: […]
  9. Why not use the comp as an arb […] grondilu I'm probably not the only one who thinks that some puzzles are a bit u […]
  10. Training Unforgiving un1verse While the computer is not perfect it still shows you the best combinat […]
  11. Training Unforgiving browni3141 Many of the tactics puzzles punish you for even slightly suboptimal, y […]
  12. Trophy Case chunkymonkey Oh, the woes of the good chess player. See - there is a benefit to bei […]
  13. Trophy Case LewsTherin777 Would it be possible to implement some sort of trophy case? I know the […]
  14. Stalemate woes Smurf357 ah thanks If I'm in the company of Kasparov I don't feel so bad
  15. Fair play rating rise_UIED "What do you think of my sugestion ?" Honestly, I think this is a v […]
  16. Fair play rating Solal35 Hi there ! I have a idea, creat a fair play rating: -When you lo […]
  17. What is happening with Vachier-Lagrave? Aphrodesiac Playing chess online made him worse
  18. atomic chess bug weirdjump Lichess haven't atomic from position. Give url to your game.
  19. atomic chess bug pseudo56 I've found this bug while using the analysis board for atomic chess. […]
  20. Two King Chess GM01 The idea for two kings has already spawned two to three variants. Pers […]
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