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Daily Bullet 1h 1
Hourly Blitz 55m 9
Hourly SuperBlitz 50m 1
Pomar  2+0 3check Rated 40m 7
Speelman  2+0 Anti Rated 20m 3
Zubarev  4+0 Anti Rated 1h 1
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  1. Bye Bye Greece Cynosure That's great, but my quote is from an official IMF report published on […]
  2. Bug-Report: Lost Game Solal35 Link of the game:
  3. Bug-Report: Lost Game Neras Hello, This report is regarding my lost game against Supersusel toda […]
  4. Flip board option for Analysis Board fishbaum It would be really nice if there were a Flip board option for the anal […]
  5. These Gms are Disgrace for a chess MorphyTalFischer Oh ok then... now it is clear... the relay messed up the game.
  6. Quality Rating System ! Hellball I see a serious problem with this. First of all, it depends strongly o […]
  7. Quality Rating System ! CTORH Known also as QRS rating. :) Is rating system that take in count, Not […]
  8. Bye Bye Greece awesomer #17 Here are two interesting interviews. They are each just one pag […]
  9. These Gms are Disgrace for a chess teorems That's evidently not the real game. The relay had problems. The game […]
  10. These Gms are Disgrace for a chess teorems Black he resigned after he was lost and after white was lost too! Look […]
  11. These Gms are Disgrace for a chess mCoombes314 Black had a huge advantage, he was nowhere near losing... most of the […]
  12. These Gms are Disgrace for a chess zitterbart At least black resigned when he was lost.
  13. These Gms are Disgrace for a chess MorphyTalFischer There were obviously some deal […]
  14. Bye Bye Greece Cynosure #15 in 2012 Greece was given a debt haircut, as well as longer debt re […]
  15. nervous player/games update orionchess i even don't look at that numbers i more interested in games or puz […]
  16. Flip Board (Suggestion) Usolando when "flip board" button clicked for example […]
  17. nervous player/games update calmar for me, the fast update of players/games... makes me nervous - since m […]
  18. Simul with NM Souvik just last 2 sit for you guys.
  19. Simul with NM Souvik NM drunktal is plying with us
  20. Simul with NM Souvik join it fast
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Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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Lichess is growing strong and fast. Read about how we make your chess life better.

Chess Marathon #1

24 hours of chess. Do you have what it takes to win?